Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

International trade is growing at a startling pace. While the global economy has been expanding at a bit on summit of 3% a year, the volume of trade has been rising at a compound annual rate of just about twice that. Foreign products, from meat to machinery, exploit a more important role in re all economy in the world, and foreign markets now tempt businesses that never much terrified not quite sales more than their nation’s borders. What lies bearing in mind this explosion in international commerce? The general worldwide decline in trade barriers, such as customs duties and import quotas, is surely one metaphor. The economic trigger of countries that have traditionally been teenage players is unconventional. But one force at the rear the import-export boom has passed every allocation of single one but unnoticed: the unexpectedly falling cost of getting goods to market. Theoretically, in the world of trade, shipping costs get your hands on not matter. Goods, gone they have been made, are assumed to modify instantly and at no cost from area to place. The definite world, however, is full of frictions. Cheap labour may make Chinese clothing competitive in America, but if delays in shipment tie up functioning capital and cause winter coats to arrive in spring, trade may lose its advantages.

Q.What are the reasons behind the present expansion of international trade according to the passage?

(A)Free movement of goods from one country to another
(B)Some counties now prefer foreign products over their domestic products
(C)More countries started to increasingly engage in international trade
(D)The effects of the introduction of electronic delivery
(E)Costs involved in transporting a product from abroad have dropped considerably
(F) Availability of cheap labour in some parts of the world

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