Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

You will listen to the recorded audio of 40 – 90 seconds in length with a question and for this question you will be given multiple options /answers. After listening to the recording, you have to select more than one response which is right ones.

Total Tasks: – You will get 2 to 3 Multiple Choice-Choose Multiple Answers.
Skills Assessed: – Your listening skills would be assessed.
1) Audio will begin after 7 seconds. Before the audio begins, read the question and options. This will give you the main idea about the topic.
2) Proper concentrate on the recorded audio when it starts. And take notes of important keywords on an erasable note board booklet. This will help you to remember the information.
3) When an audio finishes, choose more than one correct response. Make sure these responses contain relevant information as in audio.
4) If you want to change your answer, you can change it by deselecting the previous one.
5) Don’t spend much time on one task.

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