Describe Image

This is the most important section in PTE Speaking, you will get an Image, Bar graph, Pie chart or may be working process. You will get 25 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to speak.  After 25 seconds you need to speak into the microphone and explain what you see.

You need to quickly grasp an image, then quickly prepare yourself what you are going to explain. Speak fluently, and use correct grammar and relevant sentences within a 40-second timeframe.

So, the most important question arises …. are there any tips and tricks we can follow to do this task to get the maximum score. The “Answer “is YES

Tips and Tricks

We can use a 4- sentence formula that works for most of the images.

  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison of highest – lowest, least number – maximum number.
  3. Create a sentence either similar or about something unusual.
  4. Provide Conclusion – summary.

How you’re scored?


Oral Fluency


Describe the Image PTE Template

This task is very important for PTE speaking section. In this section, you can use a Template that helps you to describe what you see in a better way. For Ex: – This Bar graph represents the information about or the given line graph represents the information about……….

Another Template you can use

The Diagram illustrates the various steps of……………….. The first step in the process is ……………. It leads into ………….. This is followed by ………………….. From the diagram, it is obvious that ………………………. (The diagram provides very significant information about the topic)

The given image shows several trends and features. Looking closely at the image, I can deduce that the image contains different shapes, colors, texts, and numbers. Basically, a thorough analysis of the picture reveals a lot of detail.

The image displays various things such as [word1][word2], and [word3].

Similarly, [word4][word5], and [word6] can be observed in the image.

I can notice [word7][word8], and [word9].

However, the illustration also highlights [word10][word11], and [word12].

In conclusion, the picture provides important information.

Tips to remember for describe image: –

It is not important to speak for 40 seconds.

Speak naturally with correct pronunciation and correct English.

Follow the given template and speak the important keywords.

Do not STOP speaking. Incase you forget in between what to say, keep speaking! That is why, it is important to memorize the template.

Don’t forget to speak Title of the chart and x-axis (Horizontal Data)

Describe ImageTop 20 tips to improve your describe image skills

  1. Familiarize yourself with different types of graphs and charts, including bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, tables, and diagrams.
  2. Pay attention to the title and labels of the image as they provide important information.
  3. Analyze the data and identify any trends or patterns in the image.
  4. Start by describing the general trends in the image before delving into specific details.
  5. Use comparative language to compare and contrast different elements in the image.
  6. Use precise language and avoid vague descriptions.
  7. Use appropriate tenses to describe the data in the image.
  8. Use appropriate vocabulary to describe the data in the image.
  9. Use prepositions and linking words to connect ideas and information.
  10. Use different sentence structures to convey different types of information.
  11. Practice describing images regularly to improve your skills.
  12. Use online resources and practice tests to familiarize yourself with different types of images.
  13. Pay attention to the time limit when describing an image in a test or exam.
  14. Use your time wisely to analyze the data and organize your thoughts before describing the image.
  15. Use a clear and concise writing style to convey your ideas effectively.
  16. Read through your description carefully to ensure that it is clear and accurate.
  17. Use punctuation and capitalization appropriately to enhance clarity.
  18. Use the appropriate tone and register for the task at hand.
  19. Avoid repeating information in your description.
  20. Take note of feedback from your teachers or peers to identify areas for improvement.

Describe Image PTE Template

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