This module assesses your grammar, vocabulary, spellings, sentence structures and quality of your written content.


1. PTE Writing – Summarize Written Text

(Time: – You will get 10 minutes for each task.)
A passage of around 300 words will appear on the screen. You have to summarize the given passage in one sentence in your own words. This section checks the understanding of PTE academic English language and how well you summarize in your own words.

Total Tasks: – You will get 2 to 3 Summarize Written Text in the PTE academic test.
Skills Assessed: -Your reading and writing skills would be assessed.

Tips: – 1) Read the given passage carefully to get the main idea.
2) Organize the main idea by including other informative detail.
3) The summary should be in one sentence only (only one full stop allowed).
4) Your sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop.
5) Your response should consist of 5 to 75 words.
6) Take care of grammar and vocabulary.

2. PTE Writing – Write Essay

(Time: – You will get 20 minutes to complete each task.)
A topic will appear on a screen. You have to write an essay on a given topic between 200 to 300 words in the PTE academic test.

Total Tasks: – You will get 1 or 2 essays depending on the exam pattern on your PTE academic exam date.
Skills Assessed: – Your writing skills would be assessed.

Tips: – 1) You should start with the introduction of the given topic and your
own opinion (if you agree or not.)
2) You should describe both sides of the given topic (advantages or
Disadvantages/ merits or demerits) in two separate paragraphs with
examples. And make sure, your essay should cover all the aspects of
given topic.
3) In the end, you should give the conclusion that supports your opinion.
4) Make sure, you don’t write under 200 words.
5) Try to complete your essay before 20 minutes as you can utilize the
remaining time for rechecking of an essay.
6) Use good vocabulary and conjunctions (like moreover, furthermore,
firstly, secondly, however etc.)