Summarize Written Text

What to do in PTE Summarize Written Text?

You will get a passage to read and it could be up to 300 words of text. You have to summarize the text into one sentence. You need to check the central idea of the passage that captures all the information about the text. You will be provided 10 minutes to complete this task. You might get 2 or 3 depending on the exam you get.

How you’re scored?

You will be scored on below three parameters.
Content: (capturing)

Points to remember: –

  1. Do not include or write your own ideas.
  2. Do not write the whole phrases, convert into your own words with correct grammar and vocabulary.
  3. Do not start your sentence “As per the passage/According to the Passage”
  4. Don’t use incorrect grammar and words which you are not aware of.
  5. Do not write complicated words with incorrect meaning.
  6. Summarize the text into a single sentence of around 30 – 40 words.
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