Summarize Spoken Text

You will listen a recorded audio of 60 – 90 seconds in length. After listening to a recording, you have to write a summary of 50 to 70 words.

Total Tasks: – You will get 2 to 3 Summarize Spoken Text.
Skills Assessed: – Your listening and writing skills would be assessed.
Tips: –
1) During listening to an audio, take notes of important keywords on an erasable note board booklet. These notes will help you to get the important main points of the spoken text.
2) With these important main points, you can summarize the spoken Text by adding more supporting details.

3) Try to mention relevant information in the text.
4) You will get 10 minutes for each task. Try to complete the task before 10 minutes. As the remaining time, you can utilize for the rechecking of your response.
5) Don’t spend much time on one task.

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