Re-order paragraphs

What to do in PTE Re-order Paragraph?

In Re-order Paragraphs tasks, many text boxes seem on the screen in an exceedingly random order. You have got to rearrange the boxes to create a substantive paragraph. As per this PTE educational take a look at the format, the entire text is up to one hundred fifty words long. The take a look at can embrace 2-3 queries supported the Re-order Paragraphs task.

Total Tasks: – You will get 2 to 3 Re-order Paragraphs.
Skills Assessed: – Your reading skills would be assessed.

Tips: –
1) Read all the texts first and try to find out the text that introduces the topic. And in simple words, the introducing text would be free from any linking information described before it.
2) You need to identify the Linking words from the rest of the texts. Find out pronouns like he, she, it and demonstratives like this, that, these, those and signal words like moreover, furthermore, in addition to etc. These linking words help to arrange the given text boxes in correct order.
3) Once you have done your task, you are advised to recheck the arranged texts.
4) Don’t spend more than 2 minutes on each task.

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