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What is PTE Academic Test?

PTE stands for Pearson Test of English Academic. Almost all the students are required to meet English language requirement to get the student visa or permanent residency in Australia or in New Zealand. PTE is a computer-based English language exam for non-native English speakers. It tests your Reading, Speaking, Writing and listening skills. The whole test is done on a single day. It is computer based test lasting for 3 hours and is taken at a secure test center authorized by Pearson, which is an Australian based company.

Your speaking test is done at the computer and your voice is recorded and sent for marking. The most important advantage of this test is you will get the result of your exam in about 5 days.


Why this Test?

Everybody has a different opinion about both the tests which one is easier. We have asked many students which is better. According to many, PTE is much easier as compared to IELTS. If we talk about different sections of IELTS, the writing part is a bit difficult as compared to PTE writing. Moreover, IELTS test is not so flexible, because you need to book it before a month, whereas you can book a PTE test before one week and can get the result on or before 5 business days. Also, it has also been observed that in IELTS speaking, students get nervous and stressful as you need to speak with live person.

On the other hand, PTE has flexible timings. They have different time-slots which you can book as per your convenience. Your test will be judged by the computer. The most important thing in PTE test is that your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary should be in place.

How to Crack this Test?

First of all you need to find out your weak areas and for that you need to practice daily for at least 2-3 hours. Another important thing is to find a Mentor who can help you to find your weak areas and work on it.  You can find a number of private institutes in your area who provide quality training.  Practice mock test regularly and check your improvement on the weak areas. Follow some tips and tricks and practice daily. It is also important to set your target score.  If you are targeting 40-50, practice daily to get the score of 60.

In the end, practice daily to get your desired score.


PTE Score Assessment

You can access your PTE Academic score, online by login into your Pearson account. When your scores will be available, then you will receive an email from Pearson. Your score report would have many sections that are- your overall score, your personal details and careful breakdown of your performance. The PTE scores mirror your overall English language ability. The scores square measure a mirrored image of your overall proficiency within the English language.

PTE Scores Required For?

The PTE Scores are recognized by more than 80% of the universities and colleges in the UK, US, New Zealand and Australia. PTE academic Test is approved by the UK border Agency (UKBA) for student visa applications.


PTE Scores Validity

The validity of PTE scores is available for 2 years. It depends on the score you get; you need to send the scores to the Universities and Colleges as soon you are logged in into your account. It might take 72 hours to send your scores to the institutions.

Clarification of PTE Scores

The PTE scores support classification system that is predicated on complicated algorithms. The PTE scores are scored against the world Scale of English which provides you a correct summary of the scores supported your performance on the dimensions of 10-90. You may get overall English score furthermore as scores for individual facultative skills furthermore as English sub-skills. In your PTE tutorial score report, you may get overall scores, speaking scores, listening scores, reading scores, writing scores, descriptive grammar scores, writing system scores, oral fluency scores, vocabulary scores, and written discourse scores.


PTE Test Registration

 The first thing is you need to create an account on the PTE website. Anybody can register on the website for free of cost by providing the name and other information. Once you are fully registered within few minutes, you will get login details on your registered email.

To book an exam slot, you need to login to the Pearson official website You can select your exam center with your desired time slot. The most important thing to carry for your examination is your valid Passport. Once you start the exam, it is recommended not to leave the examination hall for any water or toilet breaks, as the time spent on the break will be deducted from your examination time.