Answer Short Question

What to do in Answer Short Question?

You will hear a question. Give your response in a single sentence. Sometimes just one or a few words are enough.

The PTE short answer question type requires you to listen to a question and record your answer. In this section of the exam, you will have to show your skill in listening, understanding, and speaking the English language. If you can accomplish all three of these tasks you will do well with this question type.


The first part of doing well with the PTE speaking answer short questions is listening to the question. Each question will be short and the answer required will also be short. You need to make sure you listen to the entire question so you can prepare a correct answer.


While you’re listening you also need to try to understand what the question is asking you to do. Each question will have an answer. You need to listen to decide what the question means and how you are going to answer it when it is time.


Finally, you will need to record your answer to the question. This will show your fluency when speaking. It will also show whether you listened and understood the question that was asked. Based on the way you answer the question you will be scored.


How should you prepare for the answer short question?
This segment tests both your listening, as well as speaking skills and you have to give your answer within ten seconds of the question being narrated. This section is one of the most scoring parts of the entire PTE test, as you only have to give a short answer of one or few words. It is easier as compared to the other sections because most of the topics are general in nature. Since the answers are a maximum of a few words, it reduces the probability of making mistakes.

Let’s discuss some strategies and tips which can help you to get a good score in short answer questions in the PTE exam.

Be attentive and listen carefully
It is integral that you listen to all the questions carefully as you only have ten seconds to answer each question. Make sure that you understand the question completely and listen to all the important keywords. Be attentive and do not miss out on any important information which might help you to come up with the right answer.

Give precise answers
A key benefit of this question is that you do not have to speak for too long. You have to give a short and accurate answer that best describes the term (or answer) asked in the question. Moreover, there are no additional points for giving a long answer so make sure that your answers are not longer than one or a few words. Try to give your answer as soon as the microphone opens and starts recording your answer.

Do not overthink
To attain a good score in short answer questions in PTE, you need to be confident about your answer as the questions revolve around general topics and often the first answer that occurs in your mind is the correct one. So, do not overthink and go with the first instinct that you get regarding your question. If you overthink a question and revolve back and forth about an answer, you’ll likely get confused and the time will run out. So, make sure that you give a quick answer without wasting any of your time in this section.

Do not go blank
It is advised that your answer should be given promptly and quickly. If you pause for more than three seconds, the recording will automatically stop. So, try to come up with your answer quickly and even if you want some time to think you can use some fillers like umm, uhh to keep the microphone open and running.

Work on your vocabulary and grammar
To get a higher score in short answer questions, you need to improve your lexical resource and grammar. Learning new words and broadening your lexical ability can leave a great impact on your speaking skills as well as prepare you for short question answers. On the other hand, improving your grammar can make you understand the question in a better way and interpret the logical development in a sentence which can help you to understand the context of the sentence in a better way.

By using all these strategies and being present at the moment while listening to the questions, you can easily get a high score in the short answer
questions in the PTE exam.

Answer Short Question

This is the last section of the speaking task.

Tips for Answer short Question: –

Answer in a single word and don’t answer in a sentence

If you are not sure of the answer, guess and no negative marking in this task.

Look for the keywords in the question.

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Tips:1) As you will hear the recording once, so try to concentrate on the task before the recording begins.

2) You will get 10 seconds to give an answer. You can correct your answer if you make any mistake in between 10 seconds.

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