Repeat Sentence

What to do in PTE Repeat sentence section?

In this section, you will hear an audio recording for a short sentence. You have to listen carefully and repeat exactly as you hear it. Each recording will be fairly short and between 4 to 10 seconds long. You will get 8 to 15 sentences.

You have 3 seconds to prepare and you will hear the single sentence. After 3 seconds repeat exactly as you hear it. This section is the most important part in PTE speaking section. It has maximum score weightage.

How you’re scored in PTE Repeat sentence section?


Oral Fluency


It was also observed that more phrases you understand, the better your reproduction of the sentence will be. It is also important to copy the stress and intonation of the sentences. Make a note of the way the speakers uses stress and intonation on the recording. It is very essential to speak naturally and calmly, try to copy the stress and intonation.

How to Practice PTE Repeat sentence section?

Listen carefully and speak out. You can also follow a simple trick which is tried and tested and works well. Close your eyes and visualize the sentence. Try remembering the words as they say OR try repeating the same words without sound as much as you can because there will not be any beep after the main audio ends, you need to start it immediately.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tips

The main strategy in this section is to listen and understand the sentence. Don’t try to memorize each word, focus on meaning. The best tips for PTE Repeat Sentence are to focus on listening and understanding. When we start speaking, speak fluently.  Another best PTE Repeat Sentence tips are not to stop while speaking, don’t stop in between and don’t panic what so ever.


Practice as much as you can. Spend most of the time practicing and find a native English speaker if possible which will definitely help you in your overall speaking. You will also learn the pronunciation of words and help in increasing vocabulary. You can also search for online skype tutor. Most importantly Listen to Ted Talks and Science daily and try to repeat the sentence.


Do not think any other thing while speaking, always prepare in advance. Don’t speak Filler like “Umm” “aahh” etc. Don’t repeat the sentence and never correct yourself. Don’t do any False start

So, it is much we should concentrate more on PTE repeat sentence tips

How to practice PTE Repeat Sentence?

PTE Repeat Sentence Practice is more important than you might make a get of. A lot of students underestimate just how unfriendly it is to attempt and recall the true formula of a sentence in their first language, succeed to alone other languages. Another PTE repeat sentence practice is to work on your pronunciation. It is a must for this task and if you have a wide range of Vocabulary you cannot succeed in this task. So, you can download a free mobile app on your Smartphone and Practice daily.

PTE Repeated Questions

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PTE academic exam questions are normally repetitive. There are some PTE repeated questions such as Bomb Calorimeter, Sound receptor, shy fish, and caterpillar etc.

Repeat SentenceTop 20 tips to improve your Repeat sentence skills

Some tips to improve your Repeat Sentence skills in the PTE exam:

  1. Listen carefully: Listen carefully to the speaker and try to understand the meaning of the sentence.
  2. Pay attention to the context: Try to understand the context of the sentence and how it fits into the conversation or passage.
  3. Focus on the main idea: Focus on the main idea of the sentence, rather than trying to repeat it word-for-word.
  4. Improve your vocabulary: Work on improving your vocabulary, so you can understand more complex sentences and phrases.
  5. Practice regularly: Practice Repeat Sentence exercises regularly, so you can get used to the format and develop your skills.
  6. Use proper pronunciation: Use proper pronunciation to help you understand the sentence and repeat it accurately.
  7. Use proper stress and intonation: Use proper stress and intonation to convey the meaning of the sentence and make it easier to remember.
  8. Use proper rhythm: Use proper rhythm when repeating the sentence to help you remember it more easily.
  9. Record yourself: Record yourself repeating sentences, and listen back to identify areas where you need to improve.
  10. Use visualization: Try to visualize the sentence in your mind as you repeat it, which can help you to remember it more easily.
  11. Use context clues: Use context clues to help you understand the sentence, such as the tone of voice or body language of the speaker.
  12. Understand different accents: Be familiar with different accents and practice repeating sentences in different accents to improve your listening skills.
  13. Pay attention to word order: Pay attention to the order of the words in the sentence, which can help you remember it more easily.
  14. Use keywords: Identify keywords in the sentence that can help you remember it more easily.
  15. Practice active listening: Practice active listening by engaging with the sentence and trying to understand its meaning.
  16. Break the sentence into parts: Break the sentence into parts, and repeat each part separately to help you remember the entire sentence.
  17. Use repetition: Repeat the sentence several times to help you remember it more easily.
  18. Take notes: Take notes as you listen to the sentence, which can help you remember it more easily.
  19. Stay focused: Stay focused while listening to the sentence, and avoid distractions that can affect your ability to remember it.
  20. Stay calm: Stay calm and relaxed while repeating the sentence, which can help you to remember it more easily.

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