Read Aloud

What to do in PTE Read Aloud section?

In PTE Read Aloud section, you will get a text on the screen. You will get 40 seconds to read the text exactly as you see it. Don’t add any new words Such as “is” “the” and “etc.  Also, don’t correct any word if you mispronounce.

You can expect roughly 7 texts for this section. Each text will usually be a single paragraph in the midst of 50-65 words.

Points to remember:-

  1. Read at a Moderate Pace.
  2. Read the Phrases.
  3. Stress the words ending with “S”.
  4. Read like a news reader.

How to Improve your Speaking PTE Read Aloud?

One of the most important thing in speaking section is not to use fillers like “Uhh ahh err”, during your test. Also, it is very important to record your voice and listen to the recordings. Ask your trainer to asses your recordings. While recording your voice speak naturally as you can and don’t user the fillers and don’t rush.

A startling fact is that log on aloud contributes 30 points towards your reading score.

In an experimental test, one of our tutors finalized the exam by the put off of the speaking section, but surprisingly, the exam description shows that the reading score is 30 not null.

One implication of this consequences is that you have to child maintenance each word correctly and make natural pauses and accentuation. You could make hand gestures in the meantime to put taking place to your pronunciation.

Tips for PTE Read Aloud!
If you mess up or spelled incorrectly, it’s okay. Don’t go back and correct yourself. Just keep speaking.
If you don’t know a word or you don’t know how to pronounce it, have a go and move on.
Be careful of advice from well-meaning friends or from the internet. A lot of it is incorrect.
Do lots and lots of practice. is a great place to practise. Below the videos, usually, there is a ‘transcript’ button. Click the transcript and then listen to a paragraph while you read. Stop the video and try to say it in the same way as the speaker. You can listen over and over.
Did I mention that you should do lots of practise?

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