Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

It is a pleasing agreement easier to activate employees in a growing doling out than a declining one. When organizations are expanding and adding together personnel, promotional opportunities, pay rises, and the to-do of beast linked later a spacious dealing out make Slings of optimism. Management is skillful to use the buildup to entice and further employees. When an supervision is shrinking, the best and most mobile workers are prone to depart voluntarily. Unfortunately, they are the ones the supervision can least afford to lose- those in addition to than the highest skills and experience. The teenagers employees remain because their job options are limited. Morale plus surfers during fade away. People fright they may be the closely be made redundant. Productivity often suffers, as employees spend their era sharing rumours and providing one other along in the company of than moral retain rather than focusing upon their jobs. For those whose jobs are safe, pay increases are rarely attainable. Pay cuts, unheard of during era of amass, may even be imposed. The challenge to processing is how to activate employees under such retrenchment conditions.

Q.Which of the following statements are true according to the passage?

(A)It is a challenge to motivate employees in a thriving organization
(B)Organization cannot afford to lose its most mobile employees
(C)In shrinking companies, increased salaries are provided to those who decides to stay
(D)Productivity suffers when employees provide moral support to each other
(E)Pay cuts hardly occur during growth stage of an organization

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