Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Submarine operators are alerted to the hazards of ocean snails in a very recent study. a global analysis team says the hardy sea animals latch on to the submarines employed by scientists. probably spreading malady in pristine ecosystems. The limpet could be a ocean snail that lives a pair of,000 metres underwater, however, may survive in air once a submarine emerges from the water. If it goes unremarked, the limpet will notice itself in another surroundings future time the submarine is employed. As ninety percent of limpets area unit infected by parasites, this poses a threat to the ecosystem; however totally cleansing the submarines can solve the matter.

Q.What problem does the article mention in relation to sea snails?

(A)Research into sea snails has been harming the animals themselves.
(B)Sea snails are being carried by submarines to places where they harm other species.
(C)Sea snails are spreading diseases to the research scientists on submarines.
(D)Dirty submarines are endangering the well-being of the sea snails that attach themselves.

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