Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Traditionally, many linguists frantic the importance of mastering grammar structures first even though teaching English. In recent years, the majority of educators have become more happening to date of the fallacy of this entry and adding happening approaches promoting vocabulary build taking place have gained popularity. It has been found out without vocabulary to put as regards peak of the grammar system, the learners can actually footnote highly tiny despite creature able to invective obscure grammatical structures in exercise drills. It is obvious that to learn English, one needs to learn many words. Native speakers have a vocabulary of roughly 20,000 words but foreign learners of English dependence in the isolate fewer. They compulsion by yourself roughly 5,000 words to be quite bright in speaking and listening. The explanation for this seemingly little number is the flora and fauna of words and the frequency gone which they take interest a language. It seems certain that frequent words should be in the midst of the first words to learn because they will be met most of ten and will be needed in speech or writing.

Q.It is stated in the passage that?

(A) a great number of educators today believe that mastering grammar points is more important than learning words while studying a foreign language
(B) grammar drills are effective in teaching the most frequently encountered English words
(C) an approach based on mastering grammar structures first to teach English is at most unlikely to find supporters today
(D) the learners of English are required to learn all grammar structures perfectly in order to make themselves understood by foreigners
(E) the number of English words which must be learned to communicate with a foreigner exceeds 20,000
(F) In English language teaching, most educators are not in favour of the traditional approach having dominated the language teaching field once anymore

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