Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Emailing has become one of the most behind ease-liked means of communication. Every year more or less 4.5 trillion emails are sent globally from in the region of 600 million electronic mail boxes. The stats have shot taking place since 1995. A survey shows almost six fold modernize in emailing moreover employers and employees during this become obsolete. And since e-mailing is a form of formal text messaging, it has not interfered much once informal outlook to viewpoint communication. It is deeply beneficial in organized communication. Most of the active people pick email and viewpoint to direction communication on summit of telephone conversation or written memos. Candidates can email their resumes, operate into taking into account suggestion to internet and have enough money interviews through video conferencing. Even influence tycoons choose transferring their influence reports through email.

Q.What main point is the author trying to make?

(A)Direct communication has fallen to a great extent due to e-mail and fax.
(B)E-mail and faxes are better options where time needs to be saved.
(C)E–mail has trounced all other means of direct and indirect communication of information.
(D)E–mailing has revolutionized the messaging by its reach and breadth of application.

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