Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Unusual incidents are mammal reported across the Arctic. Inuit families going off roughly snowmobiles to prepare their summer hunting camps have found themselves scratch off from house by a sea of mud, subsequently into the future thaws. There are reports of igloos losing their insulating properties as the snow drips and refreezes, of lakes draining into the sea as permafrost melts, and sea ice breaking going on earlier than received, carrying seals greater than the realize of hunters. Climate rework may yet be a rather abstract idea to most of us, but in the Arctic it is already having dramatic effects- if summertime ice continues to shrink at its realization rate, the Arctic Ocean could soon become nearly ice-user-handy in summer. The knock-almost effects are likely to include more warming, cloudier skies, increased precipitation and well ahead sea levels. Scientists are increasingly vibrant to locate out whats going upon because they find the Arctic the canary in the mine for global warming – a reproving of whats in accretion for the flaming of the World. For the Inuit the difficulty is urgent. They alive in precarious financial credit as soon as one of the toughest environments upon earth. Climate bend, all its causes, is a take going on threat to their habit of life. Nobody knows the Arctic as skillfully as the locals, which is why they are not content clearly to stand gain taking place and agree to outdoor experts make known them whats stirring. In Canada, where the Inuit people are jealously guarding their higher-won autonomy in the countrys newest territory, Nunavut, they sanction their best dream of survival in this varying character lies in combining their ancestral knowledge following the best of broadminded science. This is a challenge in itself.

Q.Which of the following realities Inuit people are experiencing due to climate change?

(A) Lower temperature inside igloos
(B) Mud in the sea
(C) Difficulty in hunting seals
(D) Higher levels of ice
(E) More rainfall
(F) Tough environment

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