Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

When literary periods area unit outlined on the idea of toilet facility writing, women’s writing should be forcibly assimilated into Associate in a Nursing orthogonal grid: a Renaissance that’s not a renaissance for ladies, a Romantic amount within which girls compete for little or no half, a modernism with that girl’s conflict. at the same time, the history of women’s writing has been suppressed, exploit massive, mysterious gaps in accounts of the event of varied genres. Feminist criticism is commencing to correct this case. Margaret Anne Doody, as an example, suggests that in ‘the amount between the death of Richardson and also the look of the novels of Scott and author,’ that has ‘been thought to be a dead amount,’ late-eighteenth-century girls writers truly developed ‘the paradigm for women’s fiction of the nineteenth century—something hardly but the paradigm of the nineteenth-century novel itself.’ Feminist critics have additionally discerned that the twentieth-century author Virginia Woolf belonged to a convention apart from modernism which this tradition surfaces in her work, exactly wherever criticism has, until now found obscurities, evasions, implausibilities, and imperfections.

Q. It can be inferred from the passage that the author views the division of literature into periods based on men’s writing as an approach that

(A) makes distinctions among literary periods ambiguous
(B) is appropriate for evaluating only premodern literature
(C) was misunderstood until the advent of feminist criticism
(D) provides a valuable basis from which feminist criticism has evolved
(E) obscures women’s contributions to literature

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