Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Extended dialogue regarding the precise purpose of origin of individual folktales told by Afro-American slaves has sadly taken precedence over analysis of the tales’ which means and performance. Cultural continuities with Africa weren’t captivated with importation and continuance of specific folktales in their pristine kind. it’s within the place that tales occupied within the lives of the slaves and within the which means slaves derived from them that the clearest resemblances to African tradition are often found. Afro-American slaves failed to borrow tales indiscriminately from the Whites among whom they lived. Black individuals were most affected by those Euro-American tales whose purposeful which means and aesthetic charm had the best similarity to the tales with deep roots in their ancestral country. despite wherever slave tales came from, the essential purpose is that, with relevancy language, delivery, details of characterization, and plot, slaves quickly created them their own.

Q. The author’s main purpose is to __ from one field of study to another?

(A) create a new field of study
(B) discredit an existing field of study
(C) change the focus of a field of study
(D) transplant scholarly techniques

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