Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

It is typically believed that the Second war began on Sep one, 1939, with the invasion of Polska by Federal Republic of Germany. Some historians link it to the beginning of the Second Chino-Japanese War on Gregorian calendar month seven, 1937. in keeping with AJP Taylor, 2 wars were fought simultaneously; the Chino-Japanese War in East Asia and a Second European War in Europe and her colonies. These 2 wars incorporate in 1941 leading to one international armed conflict that continued until 1945. there’s not one universally given date of the top of the Second war either. it’s believed that the conflict finished with the peace of August fourteen, 1945, popularly referred to as the conclusion over Japan Day (VJ Day), many days before the formal surrender of Japan on Sep two, 1945. in keeping with some European Historians, it finished as early as on might eight, 1945,known as the conclusion in Europe Day (VE Day).

Q. The main purpose of the text is?

(A) to throw light on the views of AJP Taylor about the beginning of World War II.
(B) to highlight the generally held view about the start and end of World War II.
(C) to prove that World War II did not end on a particular day throughout the world.
(D) to discuss the varying views about the start and end of World War II.

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