Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Mars world Surveyor is that the oldest of 5 National Aeronautics and Space Administration robotic devices, that is meant to search out signs that Mars once had water; and it had been taking elaborated footage of the Mars for a decade. sadly, it stopped functioning on November 2 when it developed a motor drawback. when 2 days of silence, communication system groups received a symptom that the device had placed itself into associate emergency standby mode. There was no data concerning what had gone wrong. Since then, the mission team at NASA’s laboratory in California has tried to contact the device. This week, National Aeronautics and Space Administration engineers are making ready for what is also their last likelihood to recover the craft. National Aeronautics and Space Administration plans to use a new arrived device to require an image of the Surveyor to examine however the failing craft is orienting to the sun for power and to Earth for communications. It is reported that the image is taken on the weekday once the satellites are concerning ninety-three miles apart. The new high-powered camera ought to be able to image details of the Surveyor as little as concerning ten centimeters. there’s an honest likelihood of sick it.

Q.The main task of Mars Global Surveyor is

(A) to find out if there was water on Mars.
(B) to take pictures of the red planet.
(C) to work out the problems of its motor.
(D) to find the causes of the failure in the device.

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