Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

Immediately relevant to the theory of games square measure the sex ratios insure parasitic wasp species that have an outsized way over females. In these species, fertile eggs be converted into females and unimpregnated eggs into males. A feminine stores gamete and might confirm the sex of every egg she lays by fertilizing it or exploit it unimpregnated. By Fisher‘s factortic argument that the sex magnitude relation are favored that maximizes the quantity of descendants a private can have and therefore the quantity of gene copies transmitted, it ought to pay a feminine to provide equal numbers of sons and daughters. Hamilton, noting that the eggs develop inside their host—the beast of another insect—and that the freshly emerged adult wasps mate like a shot and disperse, offered a remarkably cogent analysis. Since just one feminine typically lays eggs in an exceedingly given beast,it would pay her to provide one male solely, as a result of this one male might fertilize all his sisters on emergence. Like Fisher, Hamilton explore for associate degree evolutionarily stable strategy, however he went a step more in recognizing that he was searching for a method.

The author suggests that the work of Fisher and Hamilton was similar in that both scientists

(A) Conducted their research at approximately the same time.
(B) Sought to manipulate the sex ratios of some of the animals they studied.
(C) Studied game theory, thereby providing important groundwork for the later development of strategy theory.
(D) Sought an explanation of why certain sex ratios exist and remain stable.

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