Read the text and answer the multiple-choice question by selecting the correct response. Only one response is correct.

One of the questions of whole in the scrutiny of the extension of spiders is whether the weaving of orb webs evolved without help bearing in mind or several era. About half the 35,000 known kinds of spiders make webs; a third of the web weavers make orb webs. Since most orb weavers belong either to the Araneidae or the Uloboridae families, the heritage of the orb web can be in agreement lonesome by ascertaining whether the families are linked. Recent taxonomic analysis of individuals from both families indicates that the families evolved from stand-in ancestors, thereby contradicting Wiehle’s theory. This theory postulates that the families must be related, based as regards the assumption that obscure behavior, such as web building, could fee on your own following. According to Kullman, web structure is the lonely characteristic that suggests a connection in the midst of families. The families differ in sky, structure of body hair, and accord of eyes. Only Uloborids nonappearance venom glands. Further identification and scrutiny of characteristic features will undoubtedly confession the ask of the augment of the orb web.

Q. It can be inferred from the passage that all orb-weaving spiders belong to types of spiders that?

(A) comprise less than a third of all known types of spiders
(B) share few characteristic features with other spider types
(C) are included either in the Uloboridae or Araneidae families
(D) lack venom glands

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