Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Technically sound software for communication is essential for saving time however critically analyzing it can never take over the supremacy that Face to face conversation enjoys. Studies have confirmed that communication has less to do with what one says that with the way it’s expressed. The gestures and facial expressions concerned mean much more than the content. An experiment performed on babies proved this point. A group of 4-month-old babies was shown faces on a screen. Sometimes, the faces developed an eye contact with babies and generally, they averted their stare. Slowly an observation was created that babies who had no verbal communication, responded to facial non-verbal communication also. Thus we can well perceive how important is a healing touch or a loving gesture of face to face cover-sadon. Ones who have benefited from these text communications are those who are shy. Some individuals have face anxiety and are at a loss of words at times of face to face communication. For them, this type of distant chatting is sort of helpful.

Q. Which mediums for face to face communication have been discussed in the text?

(A) The way content is expressed
(B) A loving gesture
(C) An expression of goodwill
(D) A healing touch
(E) Eye contact

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