Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

When the Maori people first came to New Zealand, they brought the mulberry plant from which they made bark cloth. However, the mulberry didn’t flourish within the new climate so they found a substitute in the native flax. They used this for baskets, mats, and fishing nets and to create fibre ceremonial cloaks. Maori identified almost 60 types of flax, and propagated flax nurseries and plantations to produce the integral material. They cut the leaves close to the base of the flax plant using a sharp mussel shell or shaped rocks. The flesh of the leaf was stripped off right down to the fibre that went through many processes of washing, bleaching, softening. dyeing and drying. Flax ropes and cords had such nice and great strength that they were used to bind together sections of hollowed-out logs to create huge ocean-going canoes,and to provide rigging, sails and lengthy anchor warps for them. It was additionally be used for roofs for housing. The ends of the flax leaves were fanned out to make torches to provide light at night.

Q. For which of the following purposes does the passage say the Maoriused flax?

(A) special clothing
(B) cleaning cloth
(C) equipment for boats
(D) walls for their huts
(E) cooking tools

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