Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

In Asia and far of the Third World, trees area unit still destroyed in AN old style way: they’re hampered for fuel and cropland. In Europe, there’s a replacement and doubtless a lot of deadly perpetrators. The German decision it ‘Waldsterben’, the dying forest syndrome. however, the sickness is way quite a German development. Since it absolutely was initial determined by German scientists within the fall of 1980, the mysterious malady has raced across Europe, blighting woods in countries as so much apart as Sweden and Italia. Explanations for the epidemic vary from a cyclic amendment within the atmosphere to a hard kind of tree cancer. However, the foremost convincing proof points to pollution. Indeed, saving the chop-chop deteriorating forests of Europe can most likely need a two-pronged strategy: AN offensive campaign that features the breeding of pollution-immune trees and a defensive theme that concerns reductions in noxious emissions. However, each would require extra money than is presently being spent on such measures, in addition as total commitment to protective the atmosphere.

Q. Why do you think the narrator calls the reasons for cutting the trees in the third world countries, ‘old fashioned’?

(A) As the countries he is referring to are known as the third world, or under-developed countries.
(B) Since science has made available modern and much-developed methods to satisfy these requirements.
(C) As the reasons for which the trees are cut are no longer valid in today’s scenario.
(D) It is a biased comment on the part of the narrator as it seems he belongs to a highly developed nation or society.
(E) As there are modern solutions to the requirement of fuel and cropland available to us now.

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