Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Adaptations modify living organisms to deal with environmental stresses and pressures. Adaptation will be structural or activity. Structural diversifications square measure special body elements of associate organism that facilitate it to survive in its natural environment (e.g., skin color, shape, body covering). activity diversifications square measure the ways that a selected organism behaves to survive in its natural environment. Physiological diversifications square measure systems gift in associate organism that permit it to perform sure organic chemistry reactions (e.g. creating venom, secreting slime, having the ability to stay a continuing body temperature). diversifications square measure traits that are designated for by survival of the fittest. The underlying genetic basis for the adjustive attribute failed to arise as a consequence of the environment; the genetic variant pre-existed and was later on designated as a result of it provided the bearer of that variant some advantage.

Q. Which of the following are true statements about adaptations?

(A) They can be structural, behavioral, or physiological adaptations.
(B) They mostly occur in physical appearances of special body parts of an organism.
(C) They are new genes created to increase an organism’s chance of survival.
(D) They are genes selected due to the benefits they offer in a particular environment.
(E) They are created by the environment to help an organism survive in its habitat.

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