Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Forces apart from damaging winds also are at work within tornadoes. Sometimes, because the wriggly, twisting funnel passes over a house, the walls and ceiling burst apart as if a bomb had gone off within. This explosion is caused by the low atmospheric pressure in the middle of a tornado.

The pressure at the middle of a tornado is typically thirteen pounds per sq in. However, within the house, the atmospheric pressure is traditional, regarding fifteen pounds per sq in. The distinction of two pounds per sq in between the within and outdoors pressure might not appear to be a lot of. However, suppose a tornado funnel passes over an alittle building that measures twenty by ten by ten feet. On every sq in of the building, there’s two pounds of pressure from the within that’s not balanced by atmospheric pressure outside the building. On the ceiling, that adds up to Associate in Nursing unbalanced pressure of fifty seven, 600 pounds. The pressure on the four walls adds up to 172,800 pounds.

Q. Which of the following statements can be supported by the information given in the passage?

(A) The difference per square inch between the air pressure inside a building and the air pressure inside a tornado is of 2 pounds.
(B) According to passage, Tornadoes can destroy building because the air pressure inside the tornado is less than the air pressure inside the building.
(C) The pressure on a building during a tornado can be relieved by closing the cellar.
(D) The passage talks about as how tornadoes can be prevented.

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