Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

The Cognitive Approach. Cognitive psychologists assert that our values influenced our own behavior, by the ways in which we interpret our situations and by choice. For instance, people who believe that aggression is essential and justified-as during wartime-are doubtless to act aggressively, whereas people who trust that a war or act of aggression is unjust, or who think that aggression is never justified, are less likely to behave aggressively. One cognitive theory suggests that intensifying and painful events trigger unpleasant feelings. These feelings, in turn, will cause the aggressive action, but not automatically. Cognitive factors intervene. People decide whether or not they will act aggressively or not on the premise of factors such as their experiences with aggression and their interpretation of different people’s motives. Supporting proof comes from research showing that aggressive people usually distort different people’s motives. For instance, they assume that other people mean them harm when they do not.

Q.Which of the following exemplified the cognitive approach to aggression?

(A) Aggressive impulses toward people are sometimes expressed in indirect ways.
(B) Aggressiveness is often useful for individuals in the struggle for survival.
(C) Aggressive behavior may involve a misunderstanding of other people’s intentions.
(D) The need to express aggressive impulses declines with age.
(E) Acting aggressively is the result of a choice influenced by a person’s values and beliefs.
(F) Repressing aggressive impulses can result in aggressive behavior.

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