You will hear a recording. Select the paragraph that best relates to the recording.


(1) Parents extremely care about their infants’ developmental psychology. Whether an infant can make out large shapes and stuff is tested when he was six-months-old. Also, infants are found that they can tell bright colors, such as red ball and blue ball. However, infants can’t do a lot of things that older children can do.

(2) Developmental psychology is a field of psychology that looks at how people grow. One thing this field looks at is infants and their growth. For example, when a baby is born, it has very poor vision. The baby cannot make out detail, only large shapes. Also, infants can only make out differences in bright red balls. Vision improves as infants get older.

(3) Infant’s vision is almost the same as adults. They call tell not only the rough shape of objects, but also extreme details. For example, they can tell the difference between bright red colors and light blue colors.

(4) Researchers should train infants in their vision ability. After six-month training, infants can develop an important ability they needed when they grow up. The training programs including processes like shape recognition as well as color training. Therefore, vision improves greatly as infants grow up.

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