You will hear a recording. Select the paragraph that best relates to the recording.


(1) Loss of hearing is caused by exposure to noise over a long window of time. At 90 decibels level, people have the risk of hearing loss begin. Lots of everyday life can damage your hearing, for examples, long-term exposure to rock bands and jet engines.

(2) The danger zone of hearing loss is discussed, ranging from 30 decibels to 100 decibels. All this noise can damage the delicate hearing cells. As a result, a person with hearing loss can’t hear the voice.

(3) A conversation at close range as well as a rock band at close range could contribute to hearing loss. However, long-term exposure to jet engineer made people get used to noise and wouldn’t cause hearing loss as rock band does.

(4) Loss of hearing is caused by long-term exposure to noise. However, in everyday life, the average decibels lever is below 140 decibels, which has no negative effect on our hearing. Only jet engine at close range is the worst culprits at an ear.

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