You will hear a recording. Select the paragraph that best relates to the recording.


(1) Company leaders have to be careful that they don’t have one set of practices for those in the office and another for those who telecommute. Besides needing to be fair at all times, managers will find that a telecommuting arrangement will not work if workers feel isolated, and excluded from the company culture.

(2) When workers ask if they can work from their home, companies should consider a telecommuting arrangement, as it has several advantages for businesses as well as workers. There is money to be saved on overheads and training but for the telecommuting to function properly, only independent staff should be allowed to work in this way.

(3) Telecommuting has a lot of advantages but to make it work, company leaders need to plan in advance to ensure that they anticipate the issues for example training, security and communication. They also need to ensure that they hire workers who are suited to working remotely and ensure equal access to the resources and advancement.

(4) Managers should not rush into letting the employees telecommute. It may sound good because businesses can save money on the things like office space, but if workers’ needs and ambitions are not well catered for in the arrangement, the company culture will finally be damaged and they may even be sued.

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