You will hear a recording. Select the paragraph that best relates to the recording.


(1) Russian Tsar Peter I wanted a new capital city so that he could compete with other European capitals. He built the city on a river so that it would be easier to bring workers and materials into the city to help with the building process.

(2) There were three reasons why the building of St Petersburg meant Russian Tsar Peter I became famous for being a cruel leader. Many workers died either on the journey or from disease and overwork in the city build itself. The Tsar did not pay his workers or provide food and because of this, many more died.

(3) St Petersburg was the first city to be built on water and this is why the construction process was so challenging. It was such a big project requiring so many men and materials that building in other parts of Russia stopped while the city was being built.

(4) There were three challenges with the construction of St Petersburg: the unsuitability of the wet land in the location he chose, the difficulty of transporting builders to the remote location, and the poor conditions they were working in and the lack of raw materials for the construction process.

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