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In its periodic go after cooking identity, Australia mechanically appearance to its autochthonic ingredients, the foods that area unit native to the current country. ‘There is very little doubt that victimization associate autochthonic product should qualify a dish as Australian notes Stephanie Alexander. Similarly, and while not qualification, Cheri off state that ‘An unambiguously Australian food culture will solely be based mostly upon foods autochthonic to the current country, although, as crop remarks, proposing Australian native foods as national symbols depends additional upon their association with `nature’ and geographic origin than on common usage. However, the shortage of justification for the premise that national dishes area unit, inevitably, supported on ingredients native to the country – in any case, Italy’s cuisine identity is tied to the non-indigenous tornado, Thailand’s to the non-indigenous chili—the reality is that Australians don’t eat autochthonic foods in vital quantities. The exceptions area unit fish, crustaceans and shellfish from oceans, rivers, and lakes, most of that area unit undisputedly distinctive to the current country. Despite courageous and well-meaning efforts these days at promoting and inspiring the consumption of native resources, bush foods aren’t harvested or created in comfortable quantities for them to be a typical part of Australian diets, nor area unit they often accessible. Autochthonic foods area unit less relevant to Australian identity these days than lamb and passionfruit, each at first foreign and currently naturalized.

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