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What is the answer for nations with increasing energy demands, hindered by frequent power cuts associate degreed an inability to vie within the international oil market? For geographic area a minimum of, consultants suppose heat energy is that the answer. more brilliant still, the Kenyan government and international investors appear to be listening. this is often simply in time in keeping with several, as claims of associate degree acute energy crisis area unit afoot thanks to high oil costs, population spikes and droughts. heat energy works by pumping water into bedrock, wherever it’s heated and returns to the surface as steam that is employed directly as a heat supply or to drive electricity production. Source: Energy data Administration, heat energy within the Western USA and Hawaii.

Currently, over 60% of Kenya’s power comes from electricity sources however these area unit proving progressively unreliable because the issue of seasonal variation is intense by erratic rain patterns. energy sources area unit required and also the leading energy provider in an African country, African country Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), hopes to expand its heat energy provided from 13% to 25% you look after its total usage by 2020. The potential of heat energy within the region was 1st complete internationally by the United Nation Development Program, once geologists determined thermal anomalies below the East African Rift system. Locals are utilizing this resource for hundreds of years victimization steam vents to form the right wetness for greenhouses, or just to get pleasure from a swim within the several natural hot lakes.

Along the 6000 klicks of the rift from the Red Sea to Mozambique, geochemical, geology and warmth flow measurements were created to spot areas appropriate for energy wells.

One space lies next to the extinct Olkaria volcano, at intervals the Hell’s Gate park, and sits over a number of the thinnest continental crust on Earth. This is often a result of the dilution of the crust by tectonic stretching, inflicting hotter material below the layer to rise, leading to higher temperatures. This skinny crust was ideal for the drilling of energy wells, reaching depths of around 3000 m, wherever temperatures arise to 342°C, and way on top of the standard temperature of 90°C at this depth. Water within the encompassing rocks is regenerate to steam by the warmth. The steam will be accustomed drive turbines and manufacture electricity.

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