Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

At the Paris Exposition in 1900, Fuller had her own theater, where, additionally to her own dances, she presented pantomimes by the Japanese actress Sada Yocco. She assembled an all-female company at this time and established a school around 1907, but neither survived her. Although she is remembered nowadays chiefly for her innovations in stage lighting, her activities additionally touched Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis, two other U.S.A dancers who were experimenting with new kinds of dance. She sponsored Duncan’s first appearance in Europe.St. Denis visited her theater at the Paris exposition. She found new concepts about stagecraft in Fuller’s work and fresh sources for her art in Sada Yocco’s plays. In 1925 St. Denis paid tribute to Fuller with the duet Valse àla Loie.

Q. According to the paragraph, what was true of Fuller’s theater at the Paris Exposition?

(A) It presented some works that were not by Fuller.
(B) It featured performances by prominent male as well as female dancers.
(C) It became a famous school that is still named in honor of Fuller.
(D) It ceased to operate as a theater after Fuller died.

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