Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Small, localized enterprises are getting ever-more originative in characteristic opportunities to spice up the commercial enterprise for his or her areas. A strange attraction is that the recent Man of the Lake, that is that the name was given to a 9-meter-tall plant part that has been bobbing vertically in Oregon’s Crater Lake since a minimum of 1896. For over 100 years, it’s been mostly neglected however recently it’s become a must-see item on the list of lake attractions. Since Jan 2012, tour boats often embody the recent Man on their rubber-necking journeys round the lake. At the line, the stump is regarding sixty centimeters in diameter, and therefore the exposed half stands around a hundred and twenty centimeters on top of the surface of the water. Over the years, the stump has been bleached white by the weather. The exposed finish of the floating tree is shattered and worn however wide and buoyant enough to support a personality’s weight. Observations indicated that the recent Man of Crater lake travels quite extensively, and generally with shocking celebrity. Since it is seen nearly anyplace on the lake, boat pilots unremarkably communicate its position to every different as a general matter of safety.

Q. Which of the following are true of the Old Man of the lake according to the passage?

(A) It has been a tourist attraction for decades.
(B) It is a drifting piece of wood.
(C) It is close to the edge of Crater lake.
(D) It is owned by a local businessman.
(E) It can quickly move about the lake.
(F) It can be a danger to boat users.
(G) It is too small for someone to stand on.

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