Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

Scientists are investigating the feedback mechanism among the physical, chemical, and biological parts of Earth’s climate system in order to make accurate predictions of the effects the rise in greenhouse gases will have on future global climates. Global circulation models are vital tools in this process. These models incorporate current information on atmospheric circulation patterns, ocean currents, the effect of landmasses, and also prefer to predict climate below changed conditions. There are numerous models, and these all show agreement on a worldwide scale. For instance, all models show substantial changes in climate once carbon dioxide concentration is doubled. However, there are vital variations within the regional climates predicted by different models. Most models project higher temperature increases in mid-latitude regions and in mid-continental regions relative to the worldwide average. Changes in precipitation patterns are predicted, with decreases in mid-latitude regions and increased rainfall in some tropical areas. Finally, most models predict that there will be increased occurrences of utmost events, like extended periods while not rain (drought), extreme heat waves, larger seasonal variation in temperatures, and increases in the frequency and magnitude of severe storms. Plants and animals have strong responses to virtually every aspect of these projected global changes.

Q. According to the paragraph, climate models predict that all of the following events will occur with the increase in greenhouse gases EXCEPT

(A) greater seasonal temperature changes.
(B) prolonged heat waves.
(C) increased diversity of plants and animals.
(D) longer dry periods.
(E) greater temperature increases in mid-latitude regions

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