Read the text and answer the question by selecting all the correct responses. More than one response is correct.

There are adaptations that increase the quantity of forward thrust in addition as those that reduce drag.Again, these fishes area unit the envy of engineers. Their high, slender tails with swept-back tips area unit nearly absolutely custom-made to supply propulsion with the smallest amount potential effort. maybe most vital of all to those and different quick swimmers is their ability to sense and build use of swirls and eddies (circular currents) within the water. they will glide past eddies that may slow them down then gain additional thrust by “pushing off” the eddies. Scientists and engineers area unit starting to study this ability of fishes within the hope of planning a lot of economical propulsion systems for ships.

Q. According to the passage, one of the adaptations of fast-swimming fishes that might be used to improve the performance of ships is these fishes’ ability to?

(A) Swim directly through eddies
(B) Make efficient use of water currents
(C) Cover great distances without stopping
(D) Gain speed by pushing off the swirls

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