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Since Australians Jennifer Hawkins and Lauryn Eagle were topped Miss Universe and Miss teenage International severally, there has been a dramatic increase in interest in beauty pageants during this country. These wins have additionally sparked a discussion on whether or not beauty pageants area unit simply harmless reminders of old school values or a throwback to the times once girls were revered for a way sensible they looked. Opponents argue that beauty pageants, whether or not its Miss Universe or Miss teenage International, area unit mortifying to girls and out of correct with the days. they assert they’re nothing over symbols of decline.

In the past few decades, Australia has taken over some faltering steps toward treating girls with dignity and respect. Young girls area unit being cited knowing that they will do something, as shown by inspiring role models in drugs like 2003 Australian of the Year academician Fiona Stanley.

In the Nineteen Sixties and 70s, one in every of the primary acts of the drive was to picket beauty pageants on the premise that the trade promoted the read that it absolutely was acceptable to evaluate girls on their look. nowadays several young Australian girls area unit still deeply uncomfortable with their body image, feeling underneath every kind of pressures as a result of they’re judged by however they appear.

Almost all of the pageant victors area unit wafer skinny, reinforcing the message that skinny equals lovely. This ignores the actual fact that men and girls are available all sizes and shapes. during a country wherever up to hr of young girls area unit on a diet at anyone time and seventieth of faculty ladies say they require to thin, despite the actual fact that the majority have a traditional BMI, such messages area unit deeply venturesome to the psychological state of young Australians.

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