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In 1920, the 18th amendment to the USA Constitution created yet one more natural event for the Yankee wine business. The National Prohibition Act conjointly referred to as the Volstead Act, prohibited the manufacture, sale, transportation, importation, delivery, or possession of intoxicating liquors for potable functions. Prohibition, that continuing for 13 years, nearly destroyed what had become a thriving and national business.

One of the loopholes within the Volstead Act allowed for the manufacture and sale of vino, medicative wines available by pharmacists with a doctor’s prescription, and meditative wine tonics (fortified wines) sold-out while not prescription. maybe a lot of vital, prohibition allowed anyone to provide up to 2 hundred gallons yearly of fruit crush or drink. The fruit crush, that was generally created into concentrate, was ideal for creating wine. folks would obtain grape concentrate from California and have it shipped to the geographical area. the highest of the instrumentality was sealed in massive daring letters: caution: don’t add sugar or yeast as an alternative fermentation can take place! a number of this yield found its thanks to bootleggers throughout America United Nations agency did simply that. however not for long, as a result of the govt. stepped in and prohibited the sale of fruit juice, preventing embezzled wine production. Vineyards stopped being planted, and also the Yankee wine business came to a halt.

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