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With an abundance of low priced labor relative to the USA, it’s no surprise that China, Asian nation and alternative developing countries focus on the assembly of a labor-intensive product. For similar reasons, the USA can focus on the assembly of products that are human and physical capital intensive owing to the relative abundance of an extremely educated labor and technically refined instrumentation within the USA.
This division international of worldwide of world production ought to yield the higher global output of each kind of product that would be the case if every country tried to provide each of those products itself. as an example, the USA. would manufacture dearer labor-intensive product owing to its dearer labor and therefore the Developing countries would manufacture dearer human and physical capital intensive product owing tonight their relative insufficiency of those inputs. This logic implies that the U.S.A is unlikely to be a major world competition within the production of inexperienced technologies that don’t seem to be comparatively intensive in the human and physical capital.
Nevertheless, throughout the first stages of the event of a brand new technology, the USA encompasses a comparative advantage within the production of the product enabled by this innovation. However, once these technologies become well understood and production processes are designed that can which can that may build use of less competent labor; production will migrate to countries with more cost-effective labor.

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