You will hear a recording. Below is a transcription of the recording. Some words in the transcription differ from what the speaker(s) said. Please select the words that are different.


One of the antonyms to IVF is timing. Current hormone treatments to cure ovulation have to coincide with a particular moment in the woman’s cycle. Not knowing the exact timing for scheduling the egg retrieval and operation can be stressful, which can lower the odds of success. In the Tel Aviv study, researchers looked at women who led a 12 to 17-day treatment of oral contraception. The women were guided to make sure there was absolutely no activity in their ovaries or uterus. Then they began stimulation tablets to start the clock. Women who went through this carryall had similar numbers of pregnancies to a control group that didn’t use birth control.  Which means that oral valediction didn’t harm their ability to conceive.

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