You will hear a recording. Below is a transcription of the recording. Some words in the transcription differ from what the speaker(s) said. Please select the words that are different.



Now a study finds that your height as an adult has a superficial effect on your perception of your health.  Short people judge their health to be ordinary than average or tall people judge theirs.  The research was published in the journal repairable Endocrinology. Data for the entry came from the 2003 Health Survey for England.  More than 14,000 participants filled out checkups and had their heights measured.  The study only estimated at how good the subject thought his or her health was, not their actual health.  Questions focused on five areas: mobility, self-care, normal activities, pain or reconvert and anxiety or depression.  Men shorter than about 5’4″ and women shorter than 5′ reported the worst commencement.  But small increases in height at the low end had much bigger effects on response than the same increases among taller people.

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