Q79. Updated reading and writing fill in the blanks

Reading and Writing fill in the blanks practice exercise. Below is text with blanks. Choose the correct word for each blank to complete the text. 

In search of lessons to (1………….) in our own careers, we often try to emulate what effective leaders do. Roger Martin says this focus is misplaced, because moves that work in one context may make little sense in another. A more productive, though more difficult, approach is to look at how such leaders think. After extensive interviews with more than 50 of them, the author discovered that most are (2………….) thinkers – that is, they can hold in their heads two opposing ideas at once and then come up with a new idea that contains elements of (3…………) but is superior to both.

People move to a new region for many different reasons. The (4…………..)  for moving can come from a combination of what researchers sometimes call ‘push and pull factor’- those that encourage people to leave a region, and those that attract people to a region. Some of the factors that motivate people to move (5…………..) seeking a better climate, finding more affordable housing, looking for work or retiring from work, leaving the (6…………..) of city living, wanting a more pleasant environment, and wanting to be near to family and friends. In reality, many complex factors and personal reasons may (7…………….) to motivate a person or family to move.

1. articulate, employ, apply, utilize
2. integrative, interpersonal, interrelated, indigenous
3. every, each, all, most
4. mobility, motion, motivation, motivational
5. consist, include, contain, compose
6. congestion, compression, configuration, contemplation
7. interact, interrupt, interfere, intervene  

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