The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Reorder the paragraphs.

(A) But even the Evil American Corporate Magnate is a pretty likable guy.

(B) Unlike Barnes’ previous books, Mother of Storms has a fairly large cast of viewpoint characters.

(C) This usually irritates me, but I didn’t mind it here, and their interactions are well-handled and informative, although occasionally in moving them about the author’s manipulations are a bit blatant. (Especially when one character’s ex-girlfriend. Who has just undergone a sudden and not entirely credible change in personality is swept up by a Plot Device in Shining Armor and transported directly across most of Mexico and a good hit of the States to when she happens to hump into another viewpoint character.

(D) They’re not all necessarily good guys, either, although with the hurricanes wreaking wholesale destruction upon the world’s coastal areas, ethical categories tend to become irrelevant.

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