The text boxes below have been placed in a random order. Reorder the paragraphs. 

(A) Parks was chosen by King as the face for his campaign because of Parks’ good standing with the community. her employment and her marital status.

(B) She was arrested for her civil disobedience.

(C) Parks arrest, a coordinated tactic meant to spark a grassroots movement, succeeded in catalyzing the Montgomery bus boycott.

(D)Earlier in 1955, Claudette Colvin, a 15-year old African American girl, had been arrested for the same crime; however, King and his civil rights compatriots did not feel that she would serve as an effective face for their civil rights campaign.

(E) It was there that Rosa Parks, an African American woman, refused to vacate her seat in the middle of the bus so that a white man could sit in her place.

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