You will hear a recording. Below is a transcription of the recording. Some words in the transcription differ from what the speaker(s) said. Please select the words that are different.


Researchers tested three anti-inflammatory drugs: bromfenac, used in eye drops, and carprofen and vedaprofen, both for treating attacks like arthritis in dogs. The investigators found that all three drugs tag to something called the “DNA clamp” in bacteria. That clamp is sickle to repairing and replicating DNA. By jamming it, the painkillers can advocacy kill live E. coli—in a test tube, at least. The findings appear in the journal sorcery &; Biology. Study author Aaron Oakley, of Australia’s University of Wollongong, says we still need finagle trials to tell if this trick holds true in humans. But this study is a first step.

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