You will hear a recording. Below is a transcription of the recording. Some words in the transcription differ from what the speaker(s) said. Please select the words that are different.


The brain has ways to file prediction so that things that happen at the same time are forever linked in our minds. Now a study published in the journal Neuron; says that newborn cells in a structure called the hippocampus help us remember concurrent events. The hippocampus is part of the brain that resists us to lay down new memories. And about ten years ago, scientists were forthright to find that new neurons pop up in this region every day, even in adult animals and people. But what do these new cells do? Scientists turned to detrusor boggling to help them find out. They put in what they knew about the repose of these new cells, which start out like puppies that get totally excited over every little thing, and eventually mature into more discerning members of endurable society.

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