Q13. Updated reading and writing fill in the blanks

Reading and Writing fill in the blanks practice exercise. Below is text with blanks. Choose the correct word for each blank to complete the text.  

HERIOT-WATT University in Edinburgh has become the first in Europe to offer an MBA in Arabic. Arab students will be able to sign up to study at a (1………….) for the business courses in their own language. The Edinburgh Business School (2…………) the project at a reception in Cairo on Saturday. It is hoped the course will improve links between the university and the Arab business world. A university spokeswoman said: “The Arabic MBA will (3………….) the profile of Heriot-Watt University and the Edinburgh Business School among businesses in the Arabic speaking world and will create a strong network of graduates in the (4………….).” The first (5………..) of students is expected later this year. Professor Keith Lumsden, director of Edinburgh Business School, said: “Arabic is a major global language and the Arab world is a center for business and industrial development. We are proud to work with Arab International Education to (6……….) the demands of the region.”

1. distance, discount, distribution, level
2. announced, suggested, convinced, declared
3. raise, rise, bring, strengthen
4. local, region, place, size
5. enroll, group, intake, season
6. meet, increase, improve, promote 

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