In the text below some words are missing. Select appropriate words to fill the gaps.

Never has the carbon footprint of multi-national corporations been under such intense scrutiny. Inter-city train journeys and long-haul flights to (1)………… face-to-face business meetings contribute significantly to greenhouse gases and the resulting (2) ………..on the environment.

The Anglo-US company Teliris has introduced a new video-conferencing technology and partnered with the Carbon Neutral Company, enabling corporate outfits to become more environmentally responsible. The innovation allows simulated face-to-face meetings to be held across continents without the time (3)………..or environmental burden of international travel.

Previous designs have enabled video-conferencing on a point-to-point, dual-location basis. The firm’s VirtuaLive technology, however, can bring people together from up to five separate locations anywhere in the world – with (4)………..transmission quality.

(1) Enabled (2) Together (3) Conduct (4) Strain (5) Pressure (6) Technology (7) Unrivalled (8) Locations

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